Spiderwebs Umbrella 3 Folding/5 Folding UV Umbrella Sunshine & Rain Versatile Umbrella

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Custom Foldable Umbrella UV Protection Umbrella
The sturdy bracket of this umbrella is made of steel that can hold the umbrella firmly on windy days. The black coating on the unprinted side blocks light from entering while offering reliable UV protection. The fabric is waterproof and UV-blocking makes this a versatile umbrella. The bracket is made in a durable octagonal prism with steel to improve windproof ability. 

About this Item

  • Material:  Umbrella fabric + Steel stake
  • Size:  Diameter 110-122cm(43-48")
  • Design:  Single-sided printing
  • Color:  Black coating on the unprinted side
  • Function:  UPF 50+
  • Type:  Foldable umbrella (The 3 folding umbrellas can automatic open & close)
  • Occasion:  It’s a versatile umbrella for blocking rain and sunshine. This umbrella with 6 or 8 panels is light and durable and it can be your reliable travel accessory.